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Mr. Good Vibes
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Mr Good Vibes is the CEO of Good Vibes Enterprises, a modern-day digital marketing agency servicing Fortune 1000 clients as they look to reach Gen Z and Millennials.  

Being a former Division 1 NCAA scholarship athlete, serial entrepreneur, and having just turned 22 years old, MGV is a highly sought after public speaker due to his ability to resonate with youth audiences.  

However, before all the success and attention, he was a regular boy who experienced some of the same struggles that many students face today, but found a passion that helped propel him into the role-model he is now.

Gen Z Marketing & Consulting

Mr Good Vibes is seen as the voice of this generation. By speaking in front of tens of thousands of Gen Z students every year, he knows what drives them to make decisions as consumers.

With the help of primary data collected from these tours and other research conducted into Gen Z , MGV is able to assist brands to form strategic campaigns that will capture the attention of this younger demographic and ultimately turn them into long-term advocates for that brand.

| Access to deep insights & metrics | Campaign development & execution | Acquisition, retention, & advocacy strategies |
| Access to deep insights & metrics |
| Campaign development & execution |
| Acquisition, retention, & advocacy strategies |

Keynote Solutions

Specifically tailored to all types of institutions & organizations.

Elementary & Secondary

Helping students discover who they are at a young age.  Also, MGV blends in an anti-bullying message for these demographics.

Colleges & Universities

Many students struggle to figure out what their calling in life is.  MGV helps solve this through practical solutions.

Corporate Events

A keynote address that is shaped to help brands formulate effective campaigns when targeting younger generations like Gen Z. 


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From consultations to events, you can digitally book MGV, check his availability, and provide us details.  Or, feel free to contact us and we can chat 🙂


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