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Helping Fortune 1000 companies reach Generation Z

Mr. Good Vibes
Influences With Positivity

Mr Good Vibes is the CEO of Good Vibes Enterprises, a modern-day digital marketing agency servicing Fortune 1000 clients as they look to reach Gen Z and Millennials.  

Being a former Division 1 NCAA scholarship athlete, serial entrepreneur, and having just turned 22 years old, MGV is a highly sought after public speaker due to his ability to resonate with youth audiences.  

However, before all the success and attention, he was a regular boy who experienced some of the same struggles that many students face today, but found a passion that helped propel him into the role-model he is now.

Keynote Solutions

Specifically tailored to all types of institutions & organizations.

Elementary & Secondary

Helping students discover who they are at a young age.  Also, MGV blends in an anti-bullying message for these demographics.

Colleges & Universities

Many students struggle to figure out what their calling in life is.  MGV helps solve this through practical solutions.

Corporate Events

A keynote address that is shaped to help brands formulate effective campaigns when targeting younger generations like Gen Z. 


Let's see what the students say!
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“Mr Good Vibes really understands Gen Z and knows how to get them engaged. He is able to effectively incorporate our Burger King promotional material into his performances and get his audience to interact with our brand afterwards.”

Sharron Fry
Former Director of Marketing, Burger King Canada | Director of Marketing Redberry Restaurants
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“Mr Good Vibes came in as the youngest speaker on our panel but brought that vibrant energy and charisma that his name suggests. The students related to him and he even stayed an hour after the event was done and answered all of their questions 1-on-1. That’s the kind of leader he is.”

Claudene Neysmith
Director, Youth Level Up Conference
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“I want to personally say thank you to Mr. Good Vibes for coming to speak at our event and sharing his inspirational journey with our students. The youth need someone to look up to who is close to their age and he is a shining example of what hard work and perseverance can do for you.”

Dhaman Kissoon
Chairman, Advocates for Etobicoke Youth
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“The energy in the room was unmatched. His ability to connect with all age groups and keep them engaged throughout the whole hour was something I've seen very few speakers be able to do. He’s a real stand up guy and is clearly creating an impact.”

Tony Bisceglia
Principal, James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School
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“Mr Good Vibes is a role model amongst Gen Z. He hosted multiple 'Good Vibes days' at our location and the kids loved it. The work he does is much needed for the world.”

Tammy Moffatt
General Manager, Dave & Buster's (Vaughan)
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