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Speaking Variants


A business focused presentation. Mr Good Vibes usually goes over practical marketing advice and tactics to reach younger audiences when brands bring him in to speak.


Usually for elementary school presentations. Mr Good Vibes will share his origin story with the kids and focus on helping them become self-aware.  Upon request by the school, an anti-bullying message will also be included.

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Mr Good Vibes provides high-school & university students with real-life examples on how they can find their calling and create a career out of it.  Students will leave this workshop with actionable steps that will help them set up the rest of their lives.


Running an event or conference that needs an electrifying speaker? Or even if your an institution that needs multiple presentations in a day, Mr. Good Vibes will tailor the message to whatever audience is in front of him.

Common Topics

| Corporate & Events

Marketing & Selling to Gen Z Consumers

This new generation engages, communicates, and shops, very differently than brands have ever experienced before. Gen Z consumers are creating a massive challenge for brands, marketers, salespeople, and leaders.  Mr Good Vibes will help you determine what actually works to drive engagement, relevance, and loyalty with Generation Z. You will leave this session with specific actions you can use right away to transform Gen Z consumers into advocates for your brand.

Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z has arrived and they are not to be confused with millennials. In fact, what worked with the previous generation may not work so well with Gen Z in the workplace. This keynote presentation will provide you with specific research-based actions you can use to attract and develop the tremendous talent Gen Z has to offer. The primary data we’ve collected will help your brand create a workplace culture and experience that unlocks this generation’s potential within a multi-generational workforce.

| Schools & Institutions


As high school students prepare to go to university, they often feel lost and don’t know what their “purpose” is yet. This talk will walk them through how to utilize their strengths and win in life.

Athletic Scholarships

Many high school students have aspirations of playing their sport at the next level. However, less than 2% of North American athletes will actually get a scholarship, let alone make it to Division 1. Mr Good Vibes walks them through how to do it.

Financial Literacy

Speaking from experience, Mr Good Vibes will show the youth practical examples of how to create an entrepreneurial pathway. Whether they want to run their own business, or work for large companies, understanding how money works is imperative.


Bullying is a problem that every school faces to some capacity. However, most adults have a hard time convincing the bully to stop or even getting the victim to inform someone. Mr Good Vibes will come in and teach them the importance of being kind to one another and what to do if they are being bullied.

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